What is Scrip?
Gift cards purchased from HRS at face value. The school orders those cards from Great Lakes Scrip Center at a reduced price. The difference between the face value and the reduced price is an instant rebate for HRS, which 60% goes to your tuition account. It’s really that simple!

The following gift cards are available for immediate purchase at:

  • the school office during regular office hours
  • church in the back before Mass on Saturdays or before 10:30 a.m. Mass on Sundays
  • Frandsen Bank with Kelly Passa

Edel’s Meat Market                       Herrmann Drug                                Highway Motors Lakeside Supper Club                   Mackenthun’s Fine Foods              Montgomery Car Wash   Next Chapter Winery                    Odenthal’s Meats                             Pizzeria 201                       Quilter’s Dream                              Subway                                               BP Gas Stations
Dairy Queen                                    Holiday Gas Stations                       Kohl’s
Kwik Trip                                         Menards                                             Mills Fleet Farm
Sam’s Club                                       Shopko                                                Target                               Walmart

Thousands more gift cards available online – shopwithscrip.com 

Did you know that you can order ScripNow E-cards on your smart phone or computer for immediate use?  

Did you know you can make payments on your Kohls Credit Card with Scrip? 

  • First setup up your Scrip Account, and register for PrestoPay.
    HRS Code: E1C1F2572L466
  • Grab the app – MyScripWallet 
  • ScripNow may be used in any store or restaurant that has it available. Just order online while you shop or enjoy the end of your dinner conversation. In a matter of minutes the ScripNow card is send to your email for immediate use.
  • Shopping online? Same thing – order from ScripNow.
  • Many vendors are available for ScripNow.

Tuition Credit – Top families
1.  $330.90
2.  $253.57
3.  $244.84

These families also earned $552.87 for the school’s general fund!

Check it out today!

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